About Welltec

After decades of work in product development, fitness assessment and healthcare, we’ve combined our personal and professional experience to form Welltec, an innovative sports, fitness and health technology company.

We live and work in the world of connected fitness, personally buying and trying new products to see what works and what improvements we can make. Our relentless research gives us a keen sense of the subtle differences between what’s Available on the market today and what’s on the horizon.

As a client, you benefit immensely from this knowledge when we help you develop and manufacture your products.

     "Some of the smartest and passionate sports people I have ever met. Their company is the real deal as they create practical tech." Anthony, Sports Television Executive

Our Team

  • Jeff Collins

    Director Innovation
    Exercise physiologist with 25 years experience designing products for the sports, fitness and wellness markets.

  • Geoff Mather

    Director Sportiff
    Geoff has a broad background in device research, app design, medical devices and intervention development.

  • Petras Avizonis, PhD

    Design & Engineering

    Physicist with a background in imaging, remote sensing, signal processing, and experimentation.

  • Todd Bauer, Ph.D.

    Biomedical Engineering
    Biomedical, Chemical, Nuclear Engineer.

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  • Tim Brown, Ph.D.

    Electrical, Mechanical, Optics, Materials, Motion, Pressure, Displacement Sensor expert.

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  • Tommy Cooper

    Biomedical Engineering

    Tommy has designed numerous body sensors for the likes of NASA and GE Medical. Our go to for cutting edge sensors.

  • John Cronin, M.D.

    Fatigue & Sleep Science
    Vanderbilt, Duke, Harvard trained specialist in pulmonary, sleep and fatigue management.

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  • Scott Forman, M.D.

    Sports Medicine
    Altitude, Diving, Exercise, Emergency

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  • Don Fisher, M.D.

    Medical & Wellness

    30 years experience in Corporate Wellness, Health & Wellbeing for fortune 100 companies.

  • Ries Robinson,M.D.,M.S.

    Optical Sensing & Engineering
    A worldwide expert in non-invasive, optical human body measurement.

  • Bo Saxberg, M.D., Ph.D.

    Scientific Advisor
    Bo helps direct the lofty scientific direction of our most in-depth projects.

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  • Stephanie Spong

    Gaming & Motivation Expert

    A Harvard gaming geek with a passion for using game mechanics to solve real-world proWirelessms.

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