CORE Competency

Sports & Fitness

  • Heart Rate Monitors: 5.3KHz, 130KHz, 2.4GHz, ANT Sport+, Bluetooth/Wireless Technology with Analog, Coded, and Optical HR signal, Multi-users, Talking, Speed/Distance, GPS, Wireless or Wireless USB PC Download.
  • Multi-Function Smart Watches: Sport watches with Barometer, GPS, Altimeter, Digital Compass, Bike speed/cadence. UV, Wireless Optical, Bluetooth or USB PC Download.
  • Bike Computer: Bike Speed, Gear, & Cadence, HRM, Altimeter, Barometer, Digital Compass, Temperature, Weather Forecast, Wireless or Wireless USB PC Download.
  • Fitness Computer: Bike Speed & Cadence, HRM, Hand Pulse, Body Fat, Exercise Programs, Power Function, Fitness Tests, TV connect fitness games and programs, 2.4 GHz ANT group users environment, TaWirelesst Console, Wireless or Wireless USB PC Download.

Health & Wellness

  • Pedometers/Activity Monitors: 1D (pendulum), 2D (piezzo), 3D (accelerometers), Watch Pedometer, Wrist Band activity tracker, Sleep Monitors.
  • Weight Scales: Body weight, Body Fat, BMI, Body Water, Remote Display, Wireless Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Wireless USB PC Download.
  • Blood Pressure Meters: Upper arm type & wrist type, irregular, pulse, talking function, BHS, MDD/FDA approvals, Wireless or Wireless USB PC Download.
  • e-Wellness System: A wireless technology linking all sport and wellness devices together like pedometers, activity sensors, heart rate monitors, blood pressure meters, body fat scales, glucose meters, etc. to the cloud so the data is Available for trainers, wellness coaches, health professionals to give feedback, coaching, and health management.


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