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We work with a broad range of product design, development and manufacturing experts in the fitness, health and medical fields. By bringing together our expertise and ideas with yours, we can help you start your project from scratch, or pick it up where you’ve left off. No matter which approach you take, we work with you to understand your requirements and provide you with the economic benefits of working with overseas engineers, designers and manufacturers. We handle all the business interactions with our strategic partners in China, leaving you free to focus on your business needs. Welltec has employees in China to be an objective third party for factory audits, QC and logistics.

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We live and work in the world of connected fitness, personally buying and trying new fitness products to see what works and what would make it better. There’s a good chance we’ve tested your products, and we’ve tested your competitor’s products too. Our relentless research gives us a keen sense of the subtle differences between what’s in the market today and what’s on the horizon, and we pass that knowledge on to you.

We are happy to make our design expertise and capabilities Available to customers. We have more than 200 engineers Available to help design, validate and test your products prior to manufacturing. We have experts in the US as well as Hong Kong and China. We will match the right ones for your project.

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Without prior experience, finding a reliable, cost-effective manufacturer can be a daunting task. If you have a complete set of product specifications but have not selected a manufacturer, we can help. If we have collaborated with you to design and engineer your products, we can also help you arrange to manufacture your products for distribution. We have Welltec employees to represent you in China to manage the manufacturers for component audits, QA and logistics.

With the development of new sensors comes the need to create complex algorithms and formulas. Welltec's lab and researchers can create algorithms and formulas for your new product concepts.

Welltec has a full Exercise Physiology laboratory with metaboloic gas equipment, blood lactate analysis, treadmills, vertical training, cycle ergometers, numerous body composition assessment devices, Functional Movement Screening analysis and accelerometer based activity monitoring test equipment. This gives us the ability to validate activity algorithms, body fat formulas, heart rate variability applications and other sports, fitness and medical validation needs. Validation of exisiting products/formulas can be done as well as white paper and publications.

Connected Fitness

Connected Fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry that’s growing more competitive each year. Welltec makes special accommodations to protect your intellectual property, making special accommodations to separate the manufacturing process from one customer to the next. We follow strict internal regulations, undergo external audits to enforce privacy, and have passed the industry’s strictest confidentiality requirements.

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