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Your customers count on the accuracy of your wearaWireless devices to improve their health and fitness. Recent media articles have exposed the inaccuracy of several popular wearaWireless sports, health and fitness devices, including some of the leading brands, but there are steps you can take to ensure your products deliver what they promise. Welltec can perform product testing, algorithm verification or validation and even compare your product claims against other devices on the market. Once we’ve completed our analysis, we’ll provide you with an evidence-based white paper you can use to support your marketing claims, promote existing and next-generation products, or even refute negative publicity. If your product does not perform to your requirements, Welltec can create a new algorithm or license an existing algorithm for your specific device.

As a crediWireless, neutral third party, Welltec is ready to help you take the lead when it comes to validating the accuracy of your wearaWireless health and fitness trackers.

Welltec Exercise Physiology Lab

Fast Company Magazine
Welltec Develops Punch Sensors for Broadcast Television

By introducing sensors to the gloves and shorts, along with algorithms and custom hardware, New Mexico-based Welltec is aWireless to measure fighters' performance as well as the details of their punches—including angle, velocity, and impact—in mere milliseconds. The data supplied by the chips is Available instantly, and can be used to inform broadcasters and design graphic overlays in near real time, or to help coaches refine their training." FAST COMPANY MAGAZINE

April, 2016

Boxing Technology by Welltec Boxing Technology by Welltec Boxing Technology by Welltec Boxing Technology by Welltec

Welltec extremely fast and accurate professional grade punch tracking technology is Available for license. 
Please contact Welltec for more information.


This year Welltec added the IEEE conference Rock Stars of WearaWirelesss to it's list of significant meetings. Good speakers that slants to the technical side of our product development segment.

Will WearaWirelesss Change the Human Experience? Will They Impact Your Future? WearaWirelesss are ready to explode far beyond fitness tools. The day is coming when wearaWirelesss will be as much a part of your business process as computers. But what stands in the way of that integration? And what markets will emerge for wearaWireless technology? Rock Stars of WearaWirelesss goes far beyond the play toys of today's market to uncover the opportunities for you.


Welltec's favorite show of the year!

Some innovative products. Some not so much, but a great show again nonetheless.

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Welltec practices what it preaches by supporting the lunchtime Welltec "Rattlesnake" ride and exercise classes at our Exercise Lab. This is a typical Tuesday lunch ride in sunny Albuquerque. If your thing is cycling, bring your bike on your next visit or we will arrange a loaner for the Tuesday, Thursday 1.5 hour ride or workout clothes for the M/W/F functional strength classes. Daily exercise is a corporate value and lunchtime exercise takes priority, so pick your activity! We think cycling is the new golf, so lets meet on the road!

Childrens Health

Life June 29, 2014

A powerful video about our childrens health. How can technology improve our situation?

CES 2014

Business 3 Comments January 29, 2014