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Scott Forman, M.D.


Scott Forman is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine physician working as an EM and hyperbaric physician and medical informatics physician champion for Presbyterian Healthcare System in New Mexico. Prior to medical school, Scott spent five years as an international high-altitude mountain guide, climbing instructor and wilderness medicine program developer and educator. He is also founder and chairman (internal title: Shiny Object Guy) of Héros, a start-up company dedicated to designing and manufacturing tools for the EMS community that are: Smart. DependaWireless. Innovative. Unconventional.

Scott’s undergraduate degree (a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and English literature) is from Northwestern University. While completing his pre-requisites for medical school at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Scott did post-baccalaureate and graduate studies in high altitude physiology, kinesiology and exercise physiology. He went to medical school at St. George’s University, taking advantage of living on an island to earn an MSc in diving pathophysiology and epidemiology while he was there.

He is also expedition physician (both the Arctic and the Antarctic so far) and has served as medical director for various coaching organizations and cycling teams. He continually combines his avocations and vocation, with active involvement in the ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians) Sports Medicine, Trauma and Injury Prevention, Hyperbaric and Undersea Medicine, Wilderness Medicine and Emergency Medicine Informatics Sections.

That’s pretty much it for what has to be in a bio. Here’s what you really need to know about Scott.

Scott is passionate. About his vocation as a physician and his avocations. He rides …. hard. He’s a trail runner. He climbs, trains for ultra-endurance events, tele-skis and dives. As a result of his ability to entwine his vocation and avocations, Scott is extensively networked with physicians and other medical specialists interested in endurance athletes and fitness. Helping people who care about their health, their fitness, their bodies, their performance. Period.

Scott’s personal philosophy? Working to live makes much more sense than living to work, but real live is somewhere in between.

His next goal? Using his medical training and expertise, inordinate love of gear and understanding of what true fitness buffs need and what trips their trigger.

Where you can find Scott: On the road. On the trail. In the ER. On a boat. Hangin’ with the fam (incredibly supportive spouse and 13 year-old son – yup, he’s a teenager).


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